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GOP Candidates

US Congressional Races

Blake Masters

US Senator

Masters is married and raising/homeschooling their 3 sons in his hometown Tucson. A graduate of Stanford and Stanford Law, Blake co-founded a successful software startup called Judicata. In 2014, he co-authored the #1 New York Times bestseller Zero to One, the world’s most popular book on startups and venture capital. In 2015 Blake became President of the Thiel Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes science and innovation. He then joined President Trump’s transition team. In 2018 Blake was COO at Thiel Capital, where he helped grow assets under management by billions of dollars. He has put his career on hold to run for Senate because he uniquely understands the modern threats that we face. There is an unholy alliance between Big Government, Big Tech and Big Business, who collude to wreak havoc on our economy, destroy our border, impose their radically liberal ideology on our culture, and censor any dissent. As a lifelong Arizonan with deep experience in technology, Blake has the skills and background to win the fight in Washington.

Eli Crane

US Representative CD2

Eli is a faith-oriented, family man and is pro-life, pro-second amendment, and unafraid to take a stand against cancel culture and the radical left. He is active in AZ as a brand ambassador for Sig Sauer firearms and as a former member of the National Advisory Committee on Veteran Business Affairs. Eli believes in giving back to local communities and helps support numerous vet organizations every year. Crane is a combat veteran, small-business owner, husband, father and native Arizonan. Eli went on 5 war time deployments, 3 of them to the Middle East with SEAL Team 3 and served our country for 13 years – protecting and defending America’s freedom, way of life, and Constitution. Now he and his wife Jen own a small business in Tucson. Together they started Bottle Breacher, a successful company featured on Shark Tank that employs and gives back to veterans nationwide. He believes in low taxes, less regulation, and supporting pro-growth, pro-job policies. But Eli’s most important mission to date has been raising his 2 daughters. He is proud to be raising his family in AZ and is ready to fight for their future.

Arizona Statewide Races

Kari Lake

Arizona Governor

Lake is the former anchor for Fox 10 News in Phoenix, and became a symbol of truth in journalism when she walked away from the mainstream media despite being number one in the ratings for more than two decades. Now she’s running for Governor of Arizona on a platform of common sense conservatism dedicated to individual liberties, low taxes, limited regulation, and protecting Arizona’s great Western heritage. Kari Lake continues to be a voice for the silent majority suffering at the hands of cancel culture, critical race theory, and the devastating effects progressive policies are piling up on America’s formerly great cities. Born in Illinois, and raised in Iowa, Kari earned her BA in Communications & Journalism from the Univeristy of Iowa. She is married with two children.

Mark Finchem

Arizona Secretary of State

Representative Mark Finchem was born in Easter, Michigan, and grew up in West Michigan. He served 21-years with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, first as a firefighter/paramedic, then as a law enforcement officer. Living outside of Kalamazoo, he also ranched and farmed in a very small rural community. When he retired, Rep. Finchem moved to Tucson, Arizona. Since then he has led both large and small business organizations, maintains his ranching roots and is eager to serve others. Rep. Finchem was originally elected to serve in the 2015 Legislature, and now is in his 4th term. Mark Finchem is certified Six Sigma process engineer, a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a BA in State and Local Public Policy- summa cum laude, and is currently working to complete a Master’s Degree in legal studies and economics at the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers School of Law.

Abraham “Abe” Hamadeh

Arizona Attorney General

Abe is a Captain and intelligence officer in the US Army Reserve, just returning from a 14-month deployment to Saudi Arabia. On behalf of the US Army, he negotiated military sales and training for Saudi’s domestic security forces. He received the Meritorious Service Medal, Army Achievement Medal, amongst others. He is a former prosecutor of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. He has a Political Science undergrad degress from ASU and his Juris Doctor from UAz College of Law. Abe was awarded the Udall Fellowship by the AZ Prosecuting Attorney’s Advisory Council. He is running because the radical left has overtaken every aspect of our lives because those we entrusted with power have let them. The law is our greatest shield, and can be our greatest weapon to preserve the American ideals that make this country great. As your Attorney general, I will fight back against the insanity of Big Tech, against the “woke” corporations, and against Washington’s overreach into the daily lives of Arizonans. This election is about who you trust to fight for you, We need a new generation of leaders.

Kimberly Yee

Arizona State Treasurer

Born and raised in Arizona, Treasurer Kimberly Yee is the first Chinese American Republican woman to win a major statewide office in the history of the United States. As Treasurer, she is currently the highest ranking statewide elected Republican woman in Arizona. As State Treasurer, Kimberly Yee oversees the cash management of Arizona’s $40 billion state budget and payments to agencies, local governments and schools. Upon taking office in January 2019, assets under management were at $15.4 billion. Today, assets under management stand at $25 billion, an increase of over 60 percent in two years. Treasurer Yee led the effort to pass a state law requiring students to have financial education in high school before graduation, and was the first State Treasurer to visit all 15 counties in Arizona during the first year of her administration. She is married with two young children and is active in her church and community.

Tom Horne

Arizona Superintendant
of Public Instruction

Tom Horne, former State Superintendent (2003 -2011) and former State Attorney General (2011-2015), has become upset over the problems in education that have developed since he left office. He decided to run for State Superintendent again to end critical race theory instruction, improve achievement, and force schools to teach English to immigrant children, in accordance with the law. As Superintendant, he enforced the mandate to teach immigrant children English through immersion instruction, instead of bilingual education, raising the students’ yearly rate of English proficiency from 4 to 29 percent. During Tom’s last year in office as Superintendent, Arizona students performed above the national average on the Scholastic Aptitude Test in all three categories: critical reading, writing and math. Most important, Tom has the backbone to go after AZ Superintendent Kathy Hoffman for ignoring the parents and forcing her ideology on the children.

Paul Marsh

Arizona Mine Inspector

Prior to becoming the Arizona State Mine Inspector, Paul worked for over 25 years in the mining industry with a specialized focus in safety operations, including 13 years in safety management.  Paul’s expertise in heavy equipment operations and safety operations began during a seven-year period of service with the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He was honorably discharged in 1997.  Paul lives in the Glendale/Peoria area with his wife Laura and is the proud father of three and grandfather of two.

Nicholas “Nick” Myers

Arizona Corporation Commission

Nick has spent the last five years interacting with the Arizona Corporation Commission. He spent 4 years working to remedy decades of water issues for his community, and now serves as policy advisor to Commissioner Justin Olson. He is revamping the Commission website to make it user friendly and to show voting records of Commissioners. He has advocated for legislative bills HB2248 and HB2737, limiting the power of the Commission. Nick understands first-hand the trials and tribulations of dealing with the Commission from a ratepayer viewpoint. This experience places him in a unique position to fight for people like you, the customers of the utilities. Arizonans need someone that is willing to stand up for them now, and in the future. Someone who will look out for their best interests proactively instead of reactively. The ACC has ONE JOB as defined by the constitution, to set “just and reasonable rates and charges”. Arizona needs a commissioner that will keep the Commission on track and focused primarily on this task. Nick has been married to his wife Katerina and has three daughters.

Kevin Thompson

Arizona Corporation Commission

Kevin is an Air Force Combat Veteran, husband, father, and small business owner. After graduation, Kevin went to work for Southwest Gas and was transferred to Mesa, Arizona. He spent 17 years in various departments, including Engineering and Government Relations. In 2014 he was elected to Mesa City Council and is currently in his final term. Kevin has served the citizens of Mesa at the national stage as Chair of the National League of Cities Economic Development Committee, American Public Gas Associations Public Policy Committee, at the State level as immediate past President of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, and at the local level on many non-profit boards. He has always felt that government today does not truly represent the people. For the past eight years as an elected official, he fought for the citizens of Mesa. Now Kevin wants to use his experience to represent the citizens of Arizona to ensure the consumers are protected and our energy grids remain reliable. As an America First and Arizona First Candidate, his positions are to: Eliminate Mandates and Subsidies; Put policy making into the Legislature where it belongs; Clear regulation for new Energy technologies to come to AZ.

Arizona LD1 Legislative Races

Ken Bennett

Arizona State Senate LD1

Bennett is a successful businessman with a history of public service in AZ. Ken grew up in Prescott and helped run his family business, Bennett Oil, and served as CEO for over 20 years. He was first elected in 1985 to the Prescott City Council. He served in the State Senate from 1999-2007, and was Senate President from 2003 to 2007. He was appointed Secretary of State in 2009 to finish Jan Brewer’s term and was elected to the post in 2010. Ken is a trusted conservative leader on the pressing issues in our state: election integrity, managing the budget, and securing the border. As Secretary, he oversaw 12 successful, secure elections. Ken served as a Senate liaison to the Maricopa County audit of the 2020 election. As Senator, Ken will fight for balanced budgets, increased government transparency, and border security. He supports immediate action to close our southern border and put an end to Joe Biden’s immigration disaster. Ken serves on the Board for Cancer Treatment Centers of America for 10 years, and has served on numerous State and Local Boards. An AZ native and ASU grad, Ken and his wife of 40 years, Jeanne and have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren.

Selina Bliss

Arizona State House LD1

Bliss is running for the Arizona State House of Representatives. Having lived in Legislative District 1 since 1971, she is dedicated to protecting and strengthening Arizona through conservative causes. Selina volunteers for several civic organizations: Yavapai County Republican Party, the State and National Federation of Republican Women, the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association, The Well-Armed Woman, and the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue. Selina is passionate about securing the border security, stopping illegal immigration, protecting second amendment rights, restoring election integrity, limiting government overreach, lowering taxes, protecting the unborn, promoting school choice, and the protection of state rights.

Quang Nguyen

Arizona State House LD1

Representative Quang Nguyen first came to America as a war refugee with a small bag of clothes on his back. Thanks to what makes America the greatest country on earth, he is now a successful small-business owner and prominent public speaker. Quang is a lifelong Republican whose conservative values have been guided by his personal faith and his first-hand knowledge of both the horrors of communism and the greatness of liberty. Quang and his wife Mai have two grown children and live in Prescott Valley. With an empty nest, in 2020 he decided to give back to his country full time and was elected as LD1 Representative, where he is completing his 1st term. Quang has traveled the country to thank Veterns (visit QuangSpeaks.com). He serves as President of the AZ State Rifle and Pistol Association. He is active in his church and local charities. Quang has chamioned several bills to prtoect our 2nd Amendments right and extend liability protection to gun and ammunition manufacturers, retailers and distributors in AZ. He has passed several school choice, religious freedom and election integrity pieces of legislation.

County Races

Prescott Unified School District - Two Year Seat - One Seat Open

Linda Conn

Prescott Unified School District

Linda Conn is running for the two-year seat on the Prescott Unified School District Board. She is an accomplished professional, possessing a broad range of skills and experience. She began her professional career as a police 911 dispatcher, spending 18 years with the Long Beach, California police department. During this time, she volunteered with the Police Athletic League (PAL) working with the inner-city teenagers establishing good rapport between Police and Youth, working to keep kids off drugs and out of street gangs. 

Changing careers, Linda taught elementary school in a disadvantaged area for twenty-five years and as a credentialed school counselor, using her skills in both an educational environment and the non-profit world while working as a volunteer rape crisis counselor and as a Disaster Services Worker in the Sheriff’s office. This broad and deep level of experience allows Linda to understand and work with students and people with a wide range of temperaments, skills, life situations, and aspirations.

Linda’s varied range of education and experience also allows her to understand the need for and benefits of classical education, academic competence, and the differences between counseling and indoctrination. Her goals are to raise the academic performance of PUSD students and to empower them with real-world skills and competencies in math, reading, writing, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, innovation, digital literacy, and adaptability. She also supports classes like, but not limited to, home economics and personal finance, and supports the promotion of MICTED–Mountain Institute Career and Technical Education) which encourages the Trade School environment.

To accomplish these goals Linda is a firm believer in transparency and collaboration among parents, teachers, school administrators, and students. Linda will promote regular and consistent communication with parents regarding classroom activities and scholastic assignments and believes parents should have access to all materials used in the classroom or for after-school activities.

Prescott Unified School District - Four Year Seat - Two Seats Open

Brooks Compton

Prescott Unified School District

Brooks Compton was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and is a lifelong independent entrepreneur. He is a single father with one son, Victor, who is 14 years old. Brooks and his son moved to Prescott, AZ in 2015 for a fresh start and centered their lives around community, faith and family. After the sale of Brooks’ most recent business venture he semi-retired and decided to focus his time on the enjoyment of raising his son. When COVID hit America Brooks, like most parents, became his son’s full-time teacher. That’s when the wake-up call hit home.  Brooks is an ardent champion of Prescott’s schools, students and their teachers. He has spent many a day on school field trips as a chaperone with his son and his son’s friends. When on the PUSD Governing Board Brooks Compton will continue to support our children and their schools through properly focusing the district’s goals on the core competencies of math, science and writing.

Accountability:  PUSD has lost sight of the fact that they are subordinate to Parents, not the reverse. Parental involvement in their child’s education is paramount to their growth and development. Trust and accountability between PUSD and families has been lost and must be restored. The PUSD administration must be held accountable for the politicization of our children’s education. COVID relief funds should not have been used for bonuses, salary increases and expanded middle management. Those funds were meant for the benefit and safety of our children. The PUSD has lost sight of the fact that schools were constructed to educate children, not an employment agency for adults.

Transparency:  Parents are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education and growth. For far too long the PUSD has kept parents in the dark. About the only benefit of the past two years has been parents’ ability to see clearly what was being taught to their children. The great parental awakening has occurred and no longer will our rights be stopped at the schoolhouse door. A transparent and accessible curriculum policy should be at the forefront of Prescott’s education system and the PUSD Governing Board. The Governing Board must institute new policies and directives to rid our schools of their current divisive practices that subjugate our students to foreign ideologies such as Critical Race Theory, Social and Emotional Learning and Gender Fluidity. If elected, gone will be the days of girls’ in the boy’s bathroom and boys’ in the girl’s bathrooms. Progressives can test their theories somewhere else.

Education:  The PUSD has been a willing participant in the “dumbing down of education”. As a society, graduation rates are up and SAT scores are down. Too many education hours have been spent on theories and progressive ideologies. Prescott schools have become nothing more than a pipeline to poverty. We must remember our roots and return to educating Prescott’s children with the core competencies of math, science and writing. We must return the recognition of excellence to our schools by reinstating the honors of Salutatorian and Valedictorian. These accomplished students rely on those awards for scholarships and future job opportunities. It is imperative to teach our children to think, not to simply fill their minds with facts. We must help lead our students to success by refocusing on pride in our schools and the promise of a bright future.

Michelle Hamer

Prescott Unified School District

My name is Michele Hamer, and I am running for one of the two open seats for a four-year term on Prescott Unified’s Governing Board.  I am presently retired with much of my professional career having been in business marketing and management before starting my own businesses. I have experience in strategic planning, forecasting revenues, team building, and analyzing Benefit-Cost Ratios (BCR).  Throughout my 35 years in the competitive business world, the most important lesson I’ve learned is that you must focus on what’s best for your customers and staff to stay in business.

On June 24th, the Arizona State Legislature passed H.B. 2853, which expands the Empowerment Scholarship Account Program, and the Governor signed the bill, which has an anticipated effective date of September 24th. This means Arizona is the most “Student Choice” state in the country with federal and state education funding that will follow the student whether they are learning in person or remotely, in a public school, private school, or home school.  Come September, there will be a level of competition our public schools have never experienced, and we will need guidance from experienced leaders.

In addition to my business/management experience, I am also:
– Chairman/Co-Founder of AZ School Board Watchdogs
– Member of the Arizona Women of Action
– Member of America Pack School Board Team
– Member of the Arizona Coalition of School Board Members
– Volunteer for Trinity Christian School
– A PUSD Volunteer from 2015 to 2019

When elected as your Governing Board Member for the Prescott Unified School District, I will bring my extensive management and marketing experience to bear on:
– Run the district as an Education Business, and our product will be the delivery of an excellent education for all students.
– Strive to be a valued partner to our parents and guardians, in their children’s education.
– Ensure the attraction and retention of quality teachers, who put our student’s success first.
– Stay within our budget, stop wasteful spending, and end failing programs.
– Follow Arizona and Federal Law, including the AZ Parents Bill of Rights, Title 15, A.R.S.36-789, A.R.S. 13-3506, HB 2906 and HB 36-1301
– Deliver a time-tested classical curriculum in English Language Arts and STEM Education.

Andy Nelson

Prescott Unified School District

It is an honor to be  a candidate for the 4 year seat on the Prescott Unified School District Governing Board. I am a constitutional conservative and traditional family values candidate. 2022 has become known as the “year of the parent.” My wife Sally and I have been married 38 years, and all six of our children have been educated in PUSD.  Five have graduated from Prescott High School and one just beginning 7th grade at Mile High Middle School, so I have skin in the game!  Every day that I drop our son off at school I say, “Soar with the Eagles, Take the High Road, and Return with Honor; I Love You.”  Parents are responsible for their children’s education, upbringing, morals and  healthcare, not the government. As such, I am a big proponent of parental rights and involvement.
– Business owner in Prescott, treating  patients like family over 21 years.
– Served in the community and active in my faith, with a love of God, family and country.
– A business owner and long time resident from the community will be far more objective than professional educators, former employees of the district or close friends to the Superintendent
– We must act by emphasizing academic fundamentals, over the subtle, subjective relativism of non-essential social programs.

We expect everyone to be treated with respect and dignity, over selective inclusion.
– K-12 education is NOT the place for politicizing or sexualizing impressionable children.
– Teach them “how” to think, not “what” to think.
– Social programming may gradually displace and erode the core competencies that we send our children to school for, so we must act!

I want PUSD to thrive and compete in a school choice state through academic excellence and merit to attract enrollment and great teachers.
– I will vote to increase teacher pay over administrative pay.
– Community volunteerism  to bring more real world experience and service opportunities to our schools with inter-generational connection.
– Public comment must be more accessible and less intimidating, with civility and respect to voice our opinions in our democratic republic.
– ”In school” learning and freedom to access  education without mandates or contact tracing is the lesson we have learned.
– Lost learning and federal funding entanglement has become our unintended consequence, adding layers of administrative bureaucracy.

We have been acted upon, but it is never too late to act!  We must take decisive action now to ensure that our schools maintain the traditional family values and academic excellence that has made Prescott “Everybody’s Hometown.”As a prospective trustee of public education in Prescott, I know that this non-partisan position requires principle and integrity, with a rational approach to represent All constituencies with fairness, and to uphold the rule of law. I am Dr. Andy Nelson, “A Parent with a Spine,” and I humbly ask for your vote on November 8th, 2022.

Stan Goligoski

Prescott Unified School District

My main reasons for running for the PUSD #1 Governing Board is to prevent outside negative and popular influences from infiltrating our schools, keep our children and teachers safe, and continue to send well-rounded, informed, and confident young men and women out into the workplace and higher levels of education. More importantly, I want to continue to preserve the rich traditions of PUSD as a community anchor institution for over 150 years.

All elected officials should run on what they have done and continue to do for their community. I am not entering this election making promises that I will do. Instead, I am entering this race with a proven resume and track record of leading community initiatives and accomplishments. If you Google my name, you will see many local newspaper articles on these initiatives. However, there are many, many more initiatives that benefited our teachers and schools I have been a part of that never reached the media and I prefer to keep it that way. You will also see articles related to the 20+ years of active-duty service serving in the most high-speed and respected US Army units in our country.

After my retirement from the US Army in 2013, I moved back to Prescott when my high school track coach and civics teacher, Yavapai County School Superintendent Tim Carter, called to offer me a job working directly for him. At the time, I was assigned as an instructor and the operations officer at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. Over the last nine years, I served as the Executive Director for the Yavapai County Education Service agency. It was in this position that I applied my mission accomplishment mindset to the education environment. This resulted in finding innovative ways to find funding, connect resources, leverage supportive services and connect foundations to contribute to our schools.
Understanding school finance, the Arizona state statutes defining the laws of school district governing boards, and the challenges our teachers and administrators face every single day are areas I have already learned. These are not deterrents.

My wife, Janelle, and I have deep roots in this community. We are both proud PHS Badgers, as are two of our very successful children. We also have two boys about to begin their education at Lincoln Elementary School. No matter the outcome of this election, Janelle and I will always continue to serve the Prescott community. It is our life-long love for Prescott, our schools, and our traditions that naturally drive us. Our blood will always run blue and gold!

Kirkland School District - Four Year Seat - Three Seats Open

Keri Delphia

Kirkland School District

Laszlo Oberlander

Kirkland School District

Laszlo (50) was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary.  He moved to Arizona for a job opportunity after earning his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 1996 and became a proud naturalized US Citizen in 2008.  He has been working in the software development industry in various positions from software engineer to team lead to director for the past 26 years.

Laszlo is happily married and the proud parent of three children, aged 17, 15, 13.  Having guided three children through the school system, he shares a parent’s perspective on the challenges of raising children in today’s ever changing society.  He is also aware how important it is for the local community to support the school and staff.  He finished building his off-grid home in the Ruger Ranch area of Kirkland in 2020 and has been enjoying the quiet, peaceful country lifestyle ever since with his educator wife who works at the neighboring Skull Valley Elementary School.  Laszlo enjoys being involved in infrastructure improvement projects and he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty when the job requires it.

Laszlo often volunteers to help at his church and other organizations.  He has been serving as a board member for both the Ruger Ridge Property Owners Association (Kirkland, AZ) and the Good News Broadcasting Network (Scottsdale, AZ) since 2014.  He believes in fiscal responsibility and efficient use of taxpayer provided funds with full transparency.

Laszlo believes that educating our children is extremely important to prepare them for a successful and prosperous life of their own.  This preparation starts at the elementary school level.  Actually, it starts well before that at home, but that is outside the scope of the public school system.  Laszlo would like to help with enhancing the services provided by the Kirkland Elementary School to better fit the needs of the local community and elevate the knowledge level of our graduating students.

The elementary schools in rural communities face local challenges (aging/old/run down infrastructure, multi-grade classrooms, restrictive budget/resources) and at the same time provide unique opportunities (small classroom sizes, attention to special needs, personalized specialization, family friendly environment).  Laszlo would like to offer his services as a Governing Board member at the Kirkland Elementary School District to take advantage of these opportunities and help resolve or at least mitigate the challenges.  Laszlo promises to look out for the best interest of the students and always have an open ear to ideas from the members of our local community.

Sharmane Smith

Kirkland School District

Camp Verde School District - Four Year Seat - Two Seats Open

Kitty McDowell

Camp Verde School District

Sharon Petrie

Camp Verde School District

It is my desire to be on the Camp Verde Unified School District governing board to advocate for students and their parents, to help with policies and procedures that give every student the opportunity to reach their full potential. Keeping a safe, fun, and structured environment for all students and staff is paramount.  I see a school board member as part of a team between the school administration and the families.

Prior to moving to Camp Verde in 1992 I lived in Chandler Arizona. For over 20 years I was in mortgage lending but also was a teacher’s aide in Mesa Public Schools and a reading mentor at Camp Verde Elementary School. My daughter did her student teaching in Camp Verde and currently is a teacher in another state. My son graduated from Camp Verde High School and my husband was a bus driver for Camp Verde Unified School District. I also have a grandson who attends school in Camp Verde.

Our children are our future and deserve the best we can give them.

Jayme Sapp

Camp Verde School District

I am passionate about public education and I have two children attending CVHS and CVMS. It is time that we support our students and our community by electing an advocate for student success and equitable growth. I am passionate about keeping a 4-day school week, along with finding a solution to our teacher shortage.

I am eager to put my many years of experience as a compassionate and supportive leader, coach, wife, mother, and friend to good use. I have a proven track record of supporting our children and extracurricular activities.  Our community works hard and deserves the best. I will represent you and ask the tough questions relating to solving teacher shortages, addressing academic excellence, providing student support, and I will work hard to address how this can translate to healthy sustainable growth in our community.

For dedicated, honorable, consistent, and reliable leadership, I ask you to vote for me, Jayme Sapp.

Beaver Creek School District - Four Year Seat - Three Seats Open

Susi Edgington

Beaver Creek School District

Susi Edgington has been married 37 years to her husband Paul and has 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren. She worked in Flagstaff city schools in the cafeteria before moving to Phoenix where She worked for Deer Valley Schools for 13 years as the registrar of Anthem Elementary and then Boulder Creek High School while Anthem was growing. She has been a part of the Rimrock, Lake Montezuma neighborhood for the past 10 years where she has a small farm raising grapes and chickens.

Susi wants to get education back to basic learning. Reading, writing, arithmetic, real science and history should be the fundamental purpose of our schools. Susi wants to give the parents back their rights to raise their children without corruption. Let children be children and stop the nonsense of how many genders there may be. Children also need music, art and Phys Ed.  Schools should be transparent and judged by the performance of the education they are teaching.

Carlos Ramos

Beaver Creek School District

Carlos Ramos is a Veteran and a former Police Officer.  Carlos is a political refugee who immigrated, legally, when he was 10 years old with his family from Cuba.  Carlos and his family escaped a repressive and greedy communist state for a better life in the USA.

Carlos is also a father of two and a grandfather of four and so education is personal to him.  Having grown up in the USA, Carlos can’t help noticing how our world has changed from the time when he immigrated to the land of opportunity to the current condition of our country.  He sees repression, loss of individual rights and the decline of our educational system as a red-light that needs to be addressed.

Carlos is passionate about improving the educational system and turning it away from being a political tool to being an educational system that provides needed skills and knowledge to our children to support them in their lives.

He believes the injection of focus on sexual identity, sexual activities, race and division and declining academic scores need to be curtailed.  He believes that the current popular ideology is robbing our children of a basic education in reading, writing, math, science, and arts which help bring us together as a society rather than pushing us apart.  Carlos believes we should be encouraging diversity appreciation versus victim mentality and division.

Please consider our children, consider the current state of our Beaver Creek School, and help him get elected to address the damage being done and bring sense and real educational focus back into our school.  Please vote for Carlos Ramos for Beaver Creek School Board.  He is ready to listen to you and fight for you, fight for our Children.

Humboldt Unified School District - Four Year Seat - Two Seats Open

Lyana Mazon

Humboldt Unified School District

My name is Lyana Mazon. I am 33 years old, born and raised Prescottonian. I have been married to my husband, Joshua Mazon for 16 years and we have four amazing children. My husband is a firefighter for Central AZ Fire and Medical Authority as well as a blackhawk pilot for the Army National Guard. We currently reside in Prescott Valley and I have devoted my time and career to raising our kiddos as a stay at home mom. I’ve never shied away from being involved in every aspect of my childrens lives: homeschooling the primary grades, volunteering in the classrooms, team mom, as well as volunteer work within the church.

Why am I running for the school board? If you’ve paid any attention over the last couple of years it’s become pretty obvious that the federal government all the way down to our local school boards, there is no voter representation. Administrators have no intention of   encouraging the teaching of basics but rather choose to adopt convoluted curriculum focused on gender dysphoria, hatred of America and one another, and other extreme topics that will only endanger our children. Our local superintendents claim that there is no CRT in the classrooms, but fail to inform the community that CRT is not a specific class. It is embedded throughout the current curriculum (Social Emotional Learning). They claim to follow the laws put forth by the state of AZ about transgenders in female sports, bathrooms and locker rooms but what happens when the federal government threatens their funding? Instead of having the difficult conversations, looking for the solution and putting the voice of the parents at the forefront, the current school board has caved to the will of the government. Our communities experienced it during covid, parents were asked over the summer of 2020 if they wanted in-person learning or remote learning and 80% of the district voted for in-person learning. The board voted for remote learning! When the students were allowed back on campus, they were masked and had all kinds of asinine measures in place. Side note, we pulled our kids and homeschooled all of 2020. Recent studies have now determined that these measures caused negative impact in development and education. When the 2021 school year started, thankfully it was in person and no masks. However, the board decided to call an unnecessary emergency meeting to reimplement the mask mandate and other covid measures. Parents showed up in force and the board was livid. They were dismissive and disrespectful, rolling eyes, scoffing, whispering amongst themselves while parents were sharing their genuine concern. After experiencing this and other similar instances at regular board meetings, their complete disregard for community input is what has pushed me into pursuing this role. Our future is far too important to sit and say nothing. We need to get back to basics, parents need to be more informed of their rights and we need to protect our children. Education NOT indoctrination.

Brianne Wolcott

Humboldt Unified School District

My name is Brianne Wolcott – I have 3 reasons for running for a seat on the Humboldt Unified School District Governing Board: each of them share a last name with me – they are my children. 

My husband and I have always been deeply involved with our children’s academic growth, but our involvement began and ended with discussions and worksheets at the kitchen table.  We turned a corner when the pandemic turned our schools upside down.  Navigating the uncertainties was a challenge, especially as working parents, and it became obvious that it was our duty as parents to start attending board meetings and educating ourselves.  I’ve had the privilege of conversing with several HUSD families since I began this journey and I have discovered there is genuine concern about the direction our public education system is headed.  I hope to be a voice for those families as a Board member for HUSD.  As the saying goes: “nothing changes if nothing changes.”  I aim to be the change.  Thank you for your time and consideration – I hope to earn your vote on November 8.

Timothy McGee

Humboldt Unified School District

Greeting friends, my name is Timothy L. McGhee, Family Nurse Practitioner and a U.S. Air Force Veteran.  Being a parent of four children attending school within the Humboldt #22 School district, I am concerned about the direction our country is going as well as the politicization of the school boards in this nation.  Every day it seems as though we see parents attempting to recall school boards throughout our nation.  School boards are making decisions against the will of the parents and appears to have lost track with the purpose of education in our country today. 

America has, seemingly, lost sight of her essential goodness laid out so beautifully in the self-evident truth “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, which among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It is our solemn duty to educate our children, it is my duty to educate my children, to take hold of this reality. To fully take their rightful place as citizens in this remarkable country they must be equipped with a sound basic education. That is the job of our primary and secondary school system. As we have seen, so clearly over the last two years, school board service needs to be more carefully overseen by parents. It can too easily fall into the hands of ideologist whose only desire is to indoctrinate our children into ideologist like themselves.

It is time for change, this change involves electing new folks for key position in Yavapai County.  As you may notice, we have individuals in key educational positions for over a decade, compare this to our politicians, just as is politics, we need limits on these key positions.  Our education has not improved over the years with the same individuals in these key positions.  Time for change is now, we demand our children be educated appropriately in order to be successful in life.

Ensuring that complete basic education is provided is the job of the local school board. This is my intention if you, the parents of the children of the Humboldt School District, elect me to the school board: That all of our twelfth-grade students function well at the twelfth-grade level in the basic skills of reading, writing, sciences, and mathematics at graduation. That they have had opportunity to broaden their fields of interest into other areas the system may be able to provide, whether it is languages, music, sports, etc. Our children need to be fully prepared their next step in life may be when they graduate from school.

I am running my campaign through my heart and soul to make a difference in order to bring back our education to our district and not to intertwine politics into education. I ask for voters to look at why candidates are running before they vote. Is the candidate running for their own political belief, power or is it for our children sake to better prepare them for the future.

Chino Valley School District - Four Year Seat - Two Seats Open

Marcia Hilborn

Chino Valley School District

My name is Marcia Hilborn and I’m running for school board member to represent the children and families of Chino Valley School District 51. I have two degrees, one in Preschool Education and the other in Preschool Management. I am very familiar with the school community, having worked as a parent aide and a substitute aide in Del Rio, Heritage, and Chino Valley High schools. Most of my work has been with children with special needs. In 2016, I was nominated into Heritage Middle School Hall of Fame for my work in multi-generational teaching.

I have participated in many other educational aspects. I was one of the first teachers at a Christian preschool in Prescott and also became the assistant director over a period of five years. Then I worked for Head Start for nearly 25 years as a teacher, education mentor, Early Head Start Home Based Visitor, Family Advocate, and Center Director. Altogether, I have over 30 years experience teaching and working closely with students and parents.  My roots go deep into Chino Valley. I have lived in Chino Valley for 40 years. I am married and have two grown children who attended Chino Valley schools. With my children, I was a den mother and active Little League supporter. Today I have 4 beautiful grandchildren, and this year, my husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. I have always loved Chino Valley and its small town atmosphere and friendly people.

I am active in my church, having taught Sunday School and Bible Studies and I am on the Worship Team. In 2017, I graduated from Mingus School of the Bible and received my ordination.

Through all this, my love for Chino Valley and for education should be evident. I am running for School Board to help promote the best quality of education for our children in our community.

I am very concerned about the effects that Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning will have on our children and families. The US Constitution states that, “All men are created equal,” and I feel that if children are taught the original document of the Constitution and understand their rights as American citizens, there is no need to promote artificial interpretations that inflame racism, not heal it.

A further concern is the use of Common Core, especially math instruction which has proven to be an unsuccessful learning tool. We should get back to basics so our children have a sound education to help them become successful adults.

Finally, our students and parents need to know that all students are safe at school. We are all concerned about the safety of our children in schools. As a board member, I will diligently work to make our schools safer.

Cyndi Thomas

Chino Valley School District

My name is Cyndi Thomas I thank you, the voters for entrusting me to be 1 of 5 voices to help lead and guide our local school district for the past 2 terms. I am running for a third term for the Chino Valley Unified School District #51 Governing Board; as part of the board, I currently serve as the President.

As a fourth generation Arizonian, I am committed to the integrity and values of our community, and as a parent, I would like to continue to take an active role in the ongoing success of our local education system.  We have a strong school district with a mission to support our students, parents, teachers and staff.  With my experience as the Community Services Director for the Town of Chino Valley, I’m excited to offer my talents to help our school district adequately plan for the challenges of future growth within the district’s limited budget and funding sources.  I have held many leadership roles over the years; including, Parent Teacher Organizations, Youth Sports organizations, Church leadership positions, Service and Community Organizations; I am a 2010 graduate of Prescott Area Leadership

I believe the connection between parents and our school system is a relationship centered around our kids. Healthy relationships are powerful springboards for mutual achievement. They also require people feeling empowered to speak up and share in responsibility and transparency. That is not always easy or comfortable. Which is why I am unflinchingly committed to providing strong leadership and be both facilitator and arbiter of consistently building and maintaining a healthy relationship between parents and the school system.

My husband Mark and our children, Tyler and Bailey along with their families and our youngest son Mac, (who will be a senior at Chino Valley High School in the fall of 2022) have been a part of the Chino Valley Community for 18 years; my husband Mark has been apart of the Chino Valley High Football program for over 15 years. As an active community member, I believe that the vitality of our community lies in our children; we need to help facilitate our school children to grow into responsible mature adults to become the next leaders of our beautiful Chino Valley community.

The increasingly wild world of school board meetings, all over the country,  should have made my decision to run for a third term very difficult, but it instead made me more resolute than ever to continue to serve and lead.  I am honored to have your support and your vote.  Thank you.

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