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Arizona Legislative Actions

Arizona Legislative Actions

Arizona Legislation
Progress Made in Safeguarding Elections

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Last Updated September 3, 2022

SB 1260
Voter registration management; early voting request; move notice sent to county recorder
SB 1460
Voter address change; validation; inactive voter list
SB 1329
elections; counties; tabulation; posting
SB 1008
Elections automatic recount margin
Voter Registration of Felons; Voter 
Database Management
Voter registration of felons; voter database management
HB 2243
Comprehensive voter roll maintenance
SB 1362
early ballot on-site tabulation
HB 2236
Automatic voter registration prohibited; voter request required 
HB 2237
Same day voter registration prohibition
HB 2492
Voter registration; verification; citizenship

Upcoming 2022 Propositions

Propositions to Vote YES

PROP 128

A “yes” votes out-of-state special interest groups that spend millions to put their radical ideas on our Arizona ballot. If we do not vote “yes: this means that “broken” measures remain as AZ. statutes with no simple mechanisms to fix them. Prop.128 allows the AZ Legislature to amend, fix, or repeal these illegal ballot measures impacted by court rulings.

PROP 129

A “yes” vote requires that future propositions on our Arizona ballot address one subject and one subject only. This prevents out-of-state special interests from shoving multiple unrelated provisions into a ballot prop. that have little, or nothing, to do with the subject of the Prop. Will prevent confusing voters and stop combining favored and unfavored language in the same bill so that voters have to make a “Sophie’s Choice” when they vote for a proposition.

PROP 130

A “yes” vote supports allowing the AZ Legislature to enact specific and common-sense property tax exemptions, including amounts and qualifications (including property tax exemptions for widows and widowers; those with total and permanent disabilities; disabled veterans; and property used for trade, business, or agriculture).

PROP 131

A “yes” vote supports creating the position of Lieutenant Governor, who would be elected on a joint party ticket with the Governor, and who would succeed the Governor in case of a vacancy. This protects the will of the people.

PROP 132

A “yes” vote will require 60% of AZ voters to pass ballot measures to approve new, higher AZ taxes. It prevents a simple majority of 51% of voters to raise taxes for every AZ taxpayer. Would mirror 60% requirement of AZ Legislature to raise taxes.

PROP 309

A “yes” supports Arizonans who are lawfully registered U.S. citizens gaining access to a free voter I.D. in order to vote in AZ elections. This includes an I.D. for mail-in votes. Polls show that 3 of 4 Arizonans support an ID to vote.

Propositions to Vote NO

PROP 209

The misleading-titled initiative, which is funded almost exclusively by California Unions, will limit the ability of Arizona residents to obtain credit and dramatically increase our interest rates. This is an attempt by California special interests to force an anti-taxpayer agenda onto Arizonans. At a time of skyrocketing inflation and gas prices the last thing our state needs is to make the purchase of necessities such as appliances, vehicles, and medical care even more expensive. Vote NO!

PROP 211

Don’t let the title fool you! This Act requires private organizations to disclose donor’s names to the government if they spend more than a certain amount in any given election. This violates the Constitution­ al right to privacy and association. This is silencing and harassing private citizens, organizations, and non-profits for exercising their First Amendment Rights. It is designed to target citizens that the drafters do not like, yet it exempts big tech, corporate media, and labor unions. They can acquire the names of private citizens who contribute to campaigns, causes, and candidates, so that they can be doxed, harassed, and canceled. Vote NO!

PROP 308

Vote “No” on taxpayer-subsidized post-secondary tuition for illegals. U.S. citizens must pay the full cost of tuition in Arizona. Undocumented persons should not be given a reduced tuition rate; it is not fair to persons who are in Arizona legally nor the AZ Taxpayers. Vote NO!

PROP 310

Vote “No” on a tax hike. Vote “No” on additional Fire Districts funding. AZ City Fire Departments are already funded by city taxes. Rural Fire Districts are already funded by local property taxes. Vote for no additional Arizona taxes on hard-working Arizona taxpayers; Arizonans are taxed enough already. Vote NO!