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Trunk ‘N’ Tusk

Trunk ‘N’ Tusk is the primary fundraising arm for the Yavapai County Republican Committee. It accepts donations to support county operations and sponsors fundraising activities. Additionally, Trunk ‘N’ Tusk funds and other resources (donated items) are utilized to educate our citizens about the Constitutionally based core values, beliefs, and principles of the Republican Party. You are invited to become a member of the Yavapai County Republican Party and join with other conservatives and like-minded individuals to take the cause of liberty and freedom to our local communities and neighborhoods by BECOMING A PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN.

The Yavapai County Republican Party must become a conservative party of activists ready to support the basic values as written in the Declaration of Independence. By unifying conservatives and conservative organizations, the Yavapai Republican Party will become a strong force to be reckoned with. With unity and your support, we can educate, advocate, organize, restore election integrity, the self-worth of the family, and the safety and civility in our communities.

To win an election is one thing, but to replace the bureaucratic welfare state with our Constitutional Republic requires a powerful county, state, and national network. This must start at the local level and must start now.

With your membership and support, we can uphold the Yavapai GOP to a values-driven party where faith, family, and freedom drive the election of conservative candidates.

“The way to have good and safe government is not to trust it all to one but to divide it among the many. It is by dividing and sub-dividing these republics, from the greatnational one down, that all will be done for the best.”   – Thomas Jefferson

General Funding

If you live outside of Yavapai County but wish to help in the fight to Keep Yavapai County Red, please consider donating to our General Fund.